SACEM’s Mission is to provide services to empower the community, so that we enable our community to shine as a vibrant group within the fabric of Canadian society while preserving our cultural heritage.


SACEM’s mission can be achieved only when the members of the community strive for excellence in every way in their conduct as law abiding citizens, conscious of their civic responsibilities; in the high standard they set in the work places, and in the pursuit of their professional and business goals; as well as in the quality of their contribution to the nation and the society.

There are barriers on the way to the progress of the members of our community: language, cultural and information barriers. SACEM attempts to eliminate such barriers and build capacity within our community to succeed. Progress is possible only when people are oriented to the future. Through its’ programs, SACEM attempts to educate the willing community members in regard to the challenges and opportunities they face in the years ahead.